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Your smile is our passion and your dental health is our top priority at Summit Family Dental. Count on us for comprehensive and exceptional dental services in Chesterfield, MI.

Our goal is to provide quality dental care to patients of all ages. Our dedicated dental team ensures each visit is comfortable, personalized, and rewarding.

Our commitment goes beyond mere dental treatments; we’re dedicated to enhancing your overall well-being through superior oral care practices. Equipped with cutting-edge dental technology and techniques, we deliver efficient, comfortable care.

We know how frightening dental treatments can be for patients of all ages. However, we do all we can to make your dental care relaxing and fear-free. Our entire team creates a soothing, welcoming environment.

For comprehensive dental services in Chesterfield, put your trust in Summit Family Dental. Schedule your appointment today!

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Summit Family Dental is currently accepting new patients. Our dedicated team is here to help you reach your smile goals. Try out our dental office and enjoy a great dental experience for yourself.

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Why Choose Summit Family Dental as Your Dental Clinic in Shelby Township

Our dental team is committed to providing you with quality dental care to meet all of your oral healthcare needs. We aim to ensure a comfortable experience for each patient and provide personalized oral healthcare plans. 

Here are the top reasons why patients choose us as their dentist in Shelby Township:

Complete Family Dental Care

We provide comprehensive dental care services to serve your entire family under one roof. Enjoy convenient family dentistry and take care of your entire family’s smiles at our dental office. Visit us for all of your oral healthcare services!

Modern Dental Equipment

Our office is filled with state-of-the-art dental equipment. We leverage leading technology to provide the quickest and most comfortable dental care possible. Enjoy modern dentistry using industry-leading methods and equipment.

Welcoming Team

Our entire dental team does all we can to help you feel confident and comfortable with your dental care. We welcome you for each visit and offer a helping hand to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy compassionate dentistry from our kind team.

Our Dental Services in Chesterfield, MI

We offer a full range of family dental services. Count on us for preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry for patients of all ages.

Our full suite of dental services include:

Children’s Dentistry

Our kids’ dentist in Chesterfield is here to set your child up for long-term dental care success. We make dentistry fun and comfortable for kids of all ages, providing an array of dental services to help them develop the right dental care habits. Bring your young one into our experienced kids’ dentist in Chesterfield today.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Are you ready to get the smile of your dreams? Visit our dental office for personalized cosmetic dentistry in Chesterfield. We provide all of the cosmetic dental services you need to unlock your ideal smile. Enhance your smile’s aesthetics today. Visit our cosmetic dentist today.

Dental Implants

Experience the stability and durability of dental implants to replace missing teeth. Our dental implant dentist leverages state-of-the-art materials and methods to install long-lasting, natural-looking tooth implants. Replace your missing teeth with durable dental implants in Chesterfield today.

Dental Crowns

Regain the full function and beauty of your smile with tooth crowns. These natural-looking restorations repair cracked, decayed, or damaged teeth. Attached over the tooth-like cap, they restore their shape, size, and function. Rediscover your smile with dental crowns in Chesterfield.


Dentures offer an affordable, functional solution to replace many or all missing teeth. We offer complete denture solutions, including partial or full dentures, to restore your smile. Count on a comfortable fit and stable dentures when you book your appointment with our denture dentist in Chesterfield.

Emergency Dental Care

An oral health emergency can strike at any time. Visit our emergency dentist in Chesterfield for quick relief. We offer same-day appointments to address your chipped, broken, or knocked-out tooth. Come to Summit Family Dental for immediate help to treat your dental emergencies in Chesterfield.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Early identification and treatment can reverse the disease and restore your dental health. Count on Summit Family Dental for gum disease assessment and treatment in Chesterfield. Let’s address your bleeding gums and restore your oral health today with gum disease in Chesterfield.

Root Canal Treatment

When tooth decay or infection reaches the pulp, you may need root canal therapy. During the root canal, the dentist extracts the damaged pulp, cleans the area, and then seals the tooth. Alleviate tooth pain and preserve your natural tooth by visiting our root canal dentist in Chesterfield today.

Sedation Dental Services

Ease dental anxiety and ensure comfortable care with sedation dentistry options. Our team provides safe and effective solutions tailored to your needs. Experience stress-free dental care with sedation dentistry in Chesterfield. Book an appointment to learn more.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dealing with snoring or even sleep apnea? A custom sleep apnea appliance can help keep your airway open to prevent problems. Enjoy better breathing and better sleep with the help of our dental team. Schedule your appointment for sleep apnea treatment in Chesterfield today.

Smile Makeovers

Get the smile of your dreams with the custom smile makeover. A smile makeover is a personalized plan to tackle your dental insecurities and improve its aesthetics. We combine necessary cosmetic and restorative services to help you get your dream smile. Book a consultation for a smile makeover in Chesterfield today.

Invisalign Treatment

Looking for a discrete way to straighten your smile? Invisalign clear aligners are just what you need! These virtually invisible aligner trays gradually straighten your teeth without disrupting your daily routine. Just remove them to eat, drink, and brush.

Preventive Dental Care

Regular preventative dental care helps keep your smile healthy, strong, and problem-free. We provide dental cleanings, exams, fluoride application, dental X-rays, and a full range of preventative dental care services in Chesterfield. Count on Summit Family Dental to keep your smile in its best shape.

Porcelain Veneers

Address multiple dental imperfections in a single treatment with veneers. Amongst our cosmetic dental services, we provide porcelain veneers. They attach over your shaped natural teeth to improve the color, size, shape, and alignment. Book your consultation today for veneers in Chesterfield.

Affordable Dental Care

Our goal is to provide affordable dentistry in Shelby Township. There are several ways to pay for your dental care including:

Dental insurance

We accept several dental insurance providers. Check your plan today!

Summit Family Dental Gold Card

We offer an in-house dental care plan as an affordable alternative to dental insurance. For one set fee, enjoy all of your preventative dental care for the year including two dental checkups and oral cancer screening. You will also receive 20% off all other dental work.

Cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)

Communities We Serve

Our dental center serves as a hub for dentistry in the Shelby Township area. Our team proudly serves patients in several neighboring communities. Whether you’re located in Macomb, Sterling Heights, Utica, or another nearby area, we’re happy to help with your dental needs. Schedule your appointment today with our dedicated dentist!

Patient Testimonials

In the videos below, some of our incredible patients share details about their experience at Summit Family Dental. Learn more about our dental office environment and how we treat our patients via patient testimonials.


Shelby Township, MI


Shelby Township, MI


Shelby Township, MI


Shelby Township, MI


Shelby Township, MI

Gloria M.

Shelby Township, MI


What sets Summit Family Dental apart from other dental practices in Chesterfield?

We prioritize patient comfort, satisfaction, and oral health above all else. Our experienced team combines state-of-the-art technology with compassionate care to deliver personalized dental services. Whether it’s preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry, we exceed your expectations at every visit. When you visit us, you leave with a smile you’ll love.

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Absolutely. We understand that dental anxiety is common and can prevent patients from seeking necessary treatment. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry options to help alleviate your fears and provide a relaxed dental experience. From mild sedation to deeper sedation options, we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

You must act quickly. Pick up the tooth by the crown (avoiding the roots), gently rinse it with water if dirty, and try to reinsert it into the socket if possible. If reinsertion isn’t possible, place the tooth in a container of milk or saliva to keep it moist. Either way, seek emergency dental care immediately. Visit our emergency dentist in Chesterfield for assistance.

Dental Patient Reviews

With over 1,135 reviews and an average 4.9 star ratings, it’s safe to say our patients have a lot to say about our dental care. See what our patients have to say in the testimonials below.

Summit Family Dental takes care of their patients really well! I have high anxiety but the staff makes me feel less stressed as mush as they can. Thanks for being so kind to me 😀😀

Carson M.

2 weeks ago

Karyn did excellent on my teeth! GREAT Conversation🩷 gives amazing service on cleanings! Will forever keep coming back to this dentist! Very pleased and recommended my whole family to come here! …

London K.

2 months ago

Been a patient for year and there is a reason for that! Dr. Krista is the best in town and I could not ask for a better doctor. Katie has been so kind and sweet and it has been great working with her as well. HIGHLY recommend summit family and the whole team!!

Jessica S.

3 months ago

Been coming here for years and everyone does an amazing job and I cannot recommend them enough! Becky and Dr. Krista in particular did an amazing job with a filling and it looks way better than it did before!

Aaron L.

a week ago

I have never loved going to the dentist until I started going here. They have the best hard working team that is super friendly, amazing, and caring. I highly recommend going to Dr. Lauren DiBartolomeo. She is the best dentist I have ever had. She does amazing work every time. Her team that she works with always has a friendly, funny, and happy attitude.

Stacey S.

3 months ago

Krista and Katie were THE BEST! I am usually so uncomfortable at the dentist but they made me feel welcome and heard. The facility looks so modern while being welcoming at the dame time. I plan on continuing to go here as well as sending my family here.

Nicole S.

2 weeks ago

Our family 5 have been coming to this wonderful office for 10 years. Great patient care. They are so attentive and caring. Our 3 kids love coming to the dentist because of how friendly everyone is. Highly recommend.

Chantel A.

2 weeks ago

Dr Krista and Katie were fantastic with easing my very high anxiety levels. It was a longer visit this time and Katie was very helpful with checking up on me. Would recommend this office

Terry M

a week ago

I love the staff here. They are so friendly and welcoming. Karyn did such a wonderful job on my cleaning and Dr. Lauren and the others are the sweetest!

Emily T.

a months ago

Best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist office! Carolyn was my hygienist and she was super nice, friendly and helpful. Dr Lauren was the best and answered all of my questions and concerns! The office was clean and very nice on the inside. “I can’t believe I would’ve ever said in my life I can’t wait to come back to the dentist!”

Jessica N.

a months ago

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